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Chinese Herbal Guide

Note: In most instances 2 formulas are to be taken concurrently.

1. Abnormal Tissue Growth – Lingzhi (Reishi mushroom)

2. Allergies -All. L. G. & Nasal Clear

    Formula for alleviating airborne, pollen and dust and food allergy symptoms.


3. Appetite Control - Slender & True Comfort capsules. Digestive Enzgme. Formula for controlling     overeating.


4. Bladder Tonic - Kai Kit Wan. NPPC.

    Formula for bladder infections / enlargements, back pain, impotence, low energy, and / or         

    frequent, scanty urine.


5. Blood Purification - CHI Powder & Complexion

    Formulas for counteracting environmental toxicity


6. Blood Sugar Regulator

    Pure Ginseng capsules or powder, Diabetes Pills & De-Tox Guava Tea. 

    Formulas for reducing elevated blood glucose, insufficient insulin production.


7. Bone, Flesh, and Cartilage -Raw Tienchi pills.

    Formula for mending bones ad connective tissue.


8. Candida Yeast -Quick Balance -a tonic for Women


9. Cold Hands or Feet -Super Horn, Ginseng Royal Jelly .

    Formula to improve circulation


10. Colds and Flus

    Specific Chinese Cold Remedy -Nin Jiom Syrup. Anti-Cold.

    Formulas for common colds, influenza and sore throats


11. Constipation -San-huang-wan, Healthy-Fiber. Dieters' Drink


12. Diuretic -Circulation Miracle & Aqua Master Pills

    Formulas to reduce water retention and edema.


13. Dryness -Yangyingqingfei Pills

    Formula for dry eyes, mouth, throat, or lack of saliva ( deficient yin)


14. Ear Tonic –Tsun Ji Lung & Ginkgo Biloba

    Formulas for ear ringing, tinnitus and general hearing improvement


15. Excessive Anger - Cheery “L” Formula, Calmer & Pearl Powder


16. Eye Tonics

    A. Cataract Vision Improving Pills

    B. Shihuming Yanpian

    Formulas for eyestrain and general vision improvement


17. Fatigue -CHI Capsules, Circulation Miracle, or Super Horn.

    Formulas to reduce fatigue or adrenal exhaustion causing general physical weakness.


18. Fever and Infection -Yin Qiao

    Formula for fighting excessive fevers and infections


19. Cancer -Shark Cartilage, Reishi Mushroom & 851 Super Eutrophic for controlling tumors


20. Gastrointestinal Disorders -True Comfort & U Comfort

    Formula for indigestion, stomachache, ulcer, flatulence, diarrhea, nausea or other intestinal     



21. Glandular Tonic -Super Hom & Chi Quick Energy Capsules

    Hormone balancer and regulator, formula for diminished libido for women and men.


22. Hair Tonic -Beauti 5 & Antialopecia Bolus

    Formula for healthy hair growth.


23. Heart and Circulation -  Po Sum Wan

    A. With high cholesterol -Maodungching, SanIihong

    Formulas for angina, irregular heartbeat etc.


24. Low Immunity -Lingzhi (Reishi Mushroom), Echinacea

    851 Super Nutritious (R type). N .P. Drink


25. High Blood Pressure -Kong-at-Ling and Calmer (Heavenly Dream)

    Formula for high blood pressure and related symptoms. (headaches, nervousness etc.)


26. High Cholesterol -Smoothness, Evening Primrose Oil, Sanlihong & Maodungching


27. Insomnia or Stress -Calmer (Heavenly Dream), Memory-enhancing Brain Tonic


28. Low Blood Sugar -Pure Ginseng capsules or powder & Chi Quick Energy Capsules

     Formula for restoring energy loss due to hypoglycemia, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.


29. Memory -Ginkgo Biloba, Pure Ginseng & Mernoritiro


30. Menstruation -Dangquei Gingseng, Circulation for Women


31. Migraine Headaches -Chuanxiong Baishu Tablets & Calmer


32. Nervousness -Po Sum Wan & Calmer (Heavenly Dream)


33. Numbness -Tiaruna Baishu or Tin Tzat To Chung


34. Overweight -Dieter's Drink, Slender and Evening Primrose Oil


35. Painful Muscles & Joints -Super Horn & Tin Tzat To Chung Pills


36. Palpitations -Heart Calming Pills & Maodungching


37. Poor Circulation -Chi Quick Energy & Maodungching

    Formulas for blood clots, varicose veins, cold hands and feet.


38. Prostate problems -Kai Kit Wan & Super Horn. NPPC.


39. Relaxant -Calmer (Heavenly Dream) & Po Sum Wan

    Formula for general nervousness, stress-related irritability and insomnia.


40. Respiratory Tonic -Lingzhi (Reishi mushroom), ALL. L.G. & Lung 3

    Formulas for lung imbalance, chronic bronchitis, hayfever and related allergies, Also for

    hacking coughs due to mucus build up or smoking. Soothes and relieves lung tissue

    inflammation an d irritation.


41. Skin Disorders

    Complexion or E-P (Purify) and Two Swallow ointments.

    Formulas for general detoxifying, skin rashes, eczema, psoriasis, acne, accumulated

    toxins/pathogens, blood cleansing.


42. Sleep Problems

    Circulation Miracle & Calmer (Heavenly Dream)


43. Varicose Veins -Kong -at -Ling & Smoothness


44. Women's Formulas

    A. Quick Balance for Women -Menstrual regulation & related symptoms

    B. Circulation for Women -PMS & related symptoms

    C. Smoother-Menopause & reIated symptoms


45. Women's Tonic -Concentrated Ginseng and Ligusticum Tablets

    Dangquei Ginseng, Smoother or Quick Balance.


Chinese medicine is neither mystery nor miracle, but is based on very real elements.

Bao Chi provides a full line of herbs,Chinese teas, vitamins...

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