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About Us


Bao Chi Chinese Herbal Centrehas been making people feel better naturally since its inception 18 years ago. Shawn Yang, owner of Bao Chi in Old Strathcona, has studied the ancient healing science for many years, and he knows the differences people can encounter if they will only try.


“Traditional Chinese medical diagnosis depends merely on the doctor’s sense organs to acquire clinical materials, then to analyse, generalize and infer through logical thinking without resorting to any apparatus.” Shawn says.



Chinese Traditional Medications and

Chinese herbs


Chinese medicine is neither mystery nor miracle, but is based on very real elements.

Bao Chi provides a full line of herbs, Chinese teas, vitamins...


Acupuncture and Reflexology


Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese form of healing that has evolved over the centuries.

It’s still practiced in many parts of the world,and has been used to successfully treat low energy, headaches, migraines, sciatica, arthritis, and diseases such as M. S., stroke, insomnia, edema, asthma and many more.


Traditional Chinese

Medical Diagnosis


The internal is connected with the external, and the exterior with the interior. Pathological changes inside the human body are inevitably shown outwardly as abnormalities in pulse, complexion, spirit, and picture of the tongue.

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